Sports Performance is MORE than physical ability.

The ability to harness one's mental ability is more than a skill. Sport Performance Psychology is a powerful tool used by many of the worlds most elite athletes, coaches, trainers, and program directors.

For more than 10 years, Dr. Galea has been counseling athletes, parents, coaches, and program directors on how to attain the highest level of sport performance - through various aspects and tools of Sport Psychology. In doing such, Dr. Galea has helped direct clients towards reaching their goals by maximizing the enjoyment of reaching their fullest potential.

As a Performance Counselor, guest lecturer and program developer for Professional and Division-I athletic programs, Dr. Galea has tremendous experience working with athletes dealing with ADD/ADHD issues, performance issues (anxiety, stress, and confidence), as well as parents seeking sport performance insight.

Good Athletes Play Safe...
       Great Athletes GO for it!
             Learn How To Train To Be GREAT!

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